5 Albanian romantic movies that you should definitely see

by Flogerta Driza

If you think that there are no Albanian romantic movies, you are wrong. Albanian cinematography is full of such gems, so we are bringing you 5 romantic Albanian movies that you probably haven’t seen.

Edhe ashtu, edhe keshtu

albanian romantic movies

Edhe ashtu edhe keshtu

Theorist Apostol Sako writes articles and gives lectures on the love of youth at a time when a great conflict occurs in his family. The daughter, Alma, is an engineering student.

She loves a singer, but her father wants to marry her to a diplomat. The conflict is resolved through comic situations, making this one of the most charming films in Albanian cinematography. Not only are the situations funny but also very cute, warming our hearts.

Flutura në kabinën time

Tom Melgushi, orphaned and raised by his uncle and his uncle’s wife, works as a driver in the village. Toma is perceived as a rebellious and stern man by society. He has a close relationship with Katie, which requires them to make this relationship official, but Toma isn’t ready.

Albanian romantic movies

Flutura ne kabinen time

At the same time, Toma develops a special affection for Flutura, the biology teacher who has come from the city.

This is where the conflict starts and the complicated relationship between him and Flutura arises. The latter likes him, but the prejudices she has against him prevent her from believing in her feelings.

Në çdo stinë

Zana and Bardhyli are two students who fall in love. Through the spiritual amplitudes of their love, the film reveals their dreams, desires, and preferences. The characters are more or less the same age but have differences between each other. The film gives the portrait of the young student and the life or doubts that accompany a young person.

Çifti i lumtur

Çifti i lumtur

Çifti i lumtur

A comedy about life in the 70s, where two young people who come from different religious faiths decide to marry each other and let their parents know about their love.

In the meeting between the two fathers, the boy’s father, a conservative, is surrounded by his wife and aunt, who create a story for him, including comical situations. Since he cannot hide that he does not like the girl who comes from “another religion”, he makes excuses to make this relationship impossible. All this is resolved through comical situations, and the couple finally ends up together. 

Treni niset në 7 pa pesë

Elteva, an employee at the state bank, begins to notice the damage being done to the economy by the work of a local stable, whose director is Martini. The latter is following the wrong economic solution. She is at a crossroads because the director of the bank is also a close friend of Martini’s. On top of that, her doctor thinks she is pregnant. Etlev’s boyfriend, who is also a team trainer, leaves her because he doesn’t feel ready to be a father. Between the conflict of her personal life and her career, Etleva tries to find the right balance and resolve this conflict.

These were some of the Albanian romantic movies that included comedy, laughter, and drama, but also romance and warm, youthful love. If you like them, we will bring you other similar movies that are worth watching at least once.