5 Stages of love – Why do most split on the third stage?

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We all want true love, no matter what age group we belong to. The stages of love are the same in every relationship. However, many marriages break down and most people don’t know why.

After separating from their partner, they start to think that they have made the wrong choice. We will tell you that most marriages fail because they cannot pass the third stage! That stage is exactly the moment when the love story really begins.

The five stages of love that determine the progress of a relationship are:

  • The moment you fall in love
  • When you decide to become a couple
  • Disappointment in the relationship
  • Creating true and lasting love
  • Using your strength as a couple to change the world

The moment you fall in love


When you fall in love you are actually being deceived by nature to choose a mate so that our species can continue! It is a very beautiful feeling, which releases a lot of happiness hormones. When you fall in love you project all your hopes and dreams into your partner. U start to imagine that they will fulfill all of your desires, and that they will give you everything you didn’t get as a child.

But these kinds of expectations make a relationship destined to fail. This thing appears in the later stages of love. In those moments we think and are convinced that we will always be in love with our partner. The first stage is like calm before the storm, because this period is the time we create the best memories!

When you finally become a couple


At this stage your love deepens and we unite as a couple. This is the time when you decide to have children and raise them. If you pass the stage of child raising, your bond as a couple deepens and develops further. It is a time of union and joy. During this phase you experience less strong or passionate feelings of love.

However, you feel more connected to your partner, warmer and more loving with each other. You feel safe, protected, carefree and valued. You begin to think you have experienced everything and most of the time we conclude in our mind that this is the last stage of love.

We expect this phase to continue forever, unfortunately it is not so easy. Love evolves even further and you also have a lot of things waiting for you along the way!

Disappointment in the relationship


Nobody talks to us about the third stage. The third stage for many relationships is the beginning of the end. This is the period when things start to get worse and it can happen gradually or immediately. Little things start to bother us. We feel trapped in our relationship and we start wanting to escape.

Couples get irritated, angry and finally withdraw. You dedicate yourself to work because you don’t want to go home and see your partner. You start doubting yourself and you wonder if you have ever loved your partner. Everything seems like hell.

There is an old saying, “When you go through hell, do not stop.”

This also applies to this stage of life. The positive side of the third stage is that you learn more about yourself and your partner and what you can handle together. After this difficult phase, comes true blessing in your relationship.

Creating true and lasting love

stages of love

We finally reached the critical stage. The good news is that if you manage to get through this stage you will go through all the other difficulties together. This is the stage of maturity in a relationship and you deepen the knowledge of each other. Once you have healed all the wounds you will have a real and loving relationship. Be patient and you will manage to have it! Ongoing research from The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) conclusively demonstrates that childhood trauma affects our physical, emotional, and relationship health.

There is nothing more fulfilling than being with a partner who sees and loves you for who you are. As you better understand and accept your partner, you will learn to love your partner as well as yourself.

Use your power to change the world


We reached the last of all the stages of love! We already know that the world is not going well. There are constant wars and conflicts. Racial violence and gender discrimination are everywhere. We wonder if humans can survive. At this stage of life you will find peace with your partner.

“What chance do we have of creating a world where this peace can be created for many others around us?” If you can overcome your differences and find true love, perhaps you can work to help many more. We believe that every couple has the opportunity to use “their power” to address some aspects of the world’s problems that affect their lives.

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