Dua AG Has Online Dating Platform Software For All Communities

by Yllka Abdullahu

Dua’s online dating platform software has proven itself for the Albanian community but it can work for everyone.

Dua AG: What Online Dating Platform Software to Use 

Online dating has been around for as nearly as long as the internet. There are dating apps and websites catering to all sorts of people. However, there has never been an online dating platform software in Albania that has been put together for this reason before. That was the case until 2019 when Dua AG began to develop one for the Albanian diaspora.

Dua’s remarkable online dating platform software is just one part of a wider community of users. This software was originally developed to help the millions of Albanians in the world to connect to one another in ever more meaningful ways. Whether they are Albanian Kosovan, an Albanian living in the US, the UK or Germany, the app was developed for them.

Dua can be adapted

That said, our community app is designed to run as a sophisticated online dating platform software package that can work for any global community. Not only can it serve the needs of the business community, both in the home country and within the wider diaspora, but it can be adapted to any culture or heritage.

Our app is an ideal business proposition for people who are simply looking for people from the same culture in their neighbourhoods, as well as those looking for love. Perhaps users might have a helping hand or some advice from people who face the same daily problems as themselves?

If so, then the Dua community app – which has been developed in Zurich by people with direct experience of what it is like to be a member of a diaspora – will undoubtedly be of service. However, it is for its ability as a matchmaker that it truly excels no matter which community you happen to be talking about.  

What is it about the online dating platforms software that marks it out from others?

What has been done in its development to serve the specific needs of a chosen community?

Read on to find out more about how this remarkable matchmaker software has already helped many Albanian people to find love and romance and how it can help other dispersed communities to do the same.

We think that our matchmaking app will suit those who have tried dating apps before but found they didn’t really work for them. Indeed, it is just as suited to people looking for love who have never used technology before either!

Why use online dating platform software?

There are many reasons to develop a dating app so that members of a community can find love. Wherever they are from, most people use them to find people who might share a common interest in that might blossom into something more romantic. Of course, dating apps are very varied in their nature, sometimes catering for a specific location and sometimes for a particular interest group. 

Nevertheless, they help to refine the choices for a potential date when they are built around the specific circumstances of a particular community. When it comes to any dispersed community, there is a shared history, language and culture to consider. It is not just about what hobbies users might enjoy or the sort of activities they might be into. 

Dating apps are very varied

Also, given that there are many communities spread all over the world these days, the need for an online dating platform software has never been greater. How else will dispersed people find the man or woman they’d truly like to meet?

One of the best things about using an app to find love is that it means being able to engage very quickly. This is not the case when people are set up on a date by friends or relatives only to find out that it is a no-go after the first few minutes. 

In addition, it means cutting down on the amount of time subscribers might waste searching for love in the first place. Many people seem to find love quickly, so why shouldn’t everyone else be able to, as well? Using our platform to build a dating app for a chosen community means everyone can find love fast!

Finally, it is worth remembering that any good dating app will allow users to get to know someone at a pace that suits them. Users should never feel pressured into meeting someone before you are ready, so a well-designed online dating platform software package should always put the individual in control. 

Simply put, being in control means exchanging messages until users reach the point where they would like to take things a little further and go on a real date.

General Online Dating Platform Software Versus Targeted Apps 

Meeting the Right Person is Often About Taking a Proactive Approach to Dating

Many forward-thinking people agree that finding love online is the best way to proceed. Especially when doing so with an app developed for their community helps them to focus their efforts. True, some people still find love without technology, but online dating platform software helps to hone in with much greater efficiency. 

This is something that is just as important for men as it is for women. Everybody has their preferences. So, using an app to help users find them just makes sense for anyone providing this sort of online service to their community.

However, not all general dating apps will offer users the degree of search-ability they are looking for. This is because lots and lots of online dating sites out there are full of people who are more interested in hooking up than they are in genuine romance. 

By comparison to Dua’s platform, people using a conventional dating site may well find that they are looking for a needle in a haystack. The more proactive approach to finding a potential life partner is to use an app based on our platform. It means people will have at least one thing in common with the other people using it – they are drawn from the same community. 

This is what Dua’s online dating platform software provides

In short, this is exactly what Dua’s online dating platform software provides. It has proven itself within the Albanian diaspora where only the profiles of Albanian people, or people of Albanian descent, can be seen. That is a huge improvement over a conventional app!

In addition, the Dua community app will allows users to refine their search for love even further. They can use it to optimise their own profile so they only attract the sort of people they might be interested in. 

Alternatively, users can search the profiles of others using their preferred language. The Dua matchmaker software works just as well in German and English as it does in Albanian. Although its multilingual nature could be adapted for any dispersed community around the world.

Therefore, not only will users be able to refine their search for the sort of person they would like to meet, but you can also cast your net that bit wider. After all, a next potential date for a British-based user might not be living in an expatriate community in Oxford or Birmingham, for instance, but they could be in Zurich or Berlin. 

Not all dating apps offer this international ability to search while still keeping results narrowed down to the particular community the user belongs to.

The Benefits of Online Dating Platform Software Tailored to a Chosen Community

As mentioned, refining the search for romance is a key part of what makes this particular online dating platform software so successful. As it was designed by people who were, themselves, drawn from a dispersed community. You can be sure that it really serves the needs of any given community wherever they might be. 

However, it is not just because it is designed for a diaspora that makes it so useful – there are some other key features, too.

First, the app makes use of the latest facial recognition technology. In short, this means that when users register their profile, their face will be scanned using their device to verify their identity. This data is, of course, held securely but it means users will know that every other person on the platform has also had to reveal their true identity, too.

When users are looking for dates, this security technology should help them to feel more assured that the profile image they are looking at is a true representation of the person at the other end. Equally, it helps to weed out the time-wasters and con artists who are only too common on less secure software platforms. 

Dua app allows users to search geographically

In addition, the Dua app will allow users to search geographically. If they want to find potential dates within a certain radius, then they can do so. 

Even better, the Dua online dating platform software also allows users to switch location if they want. This is especially useful for members of a diaspora because it means looking for love in a place they may never have been to before. 

For example, users can look for a profile in another city in Europe from the one they currently inhabit. As such, they’ll find lots of potential soulmates from their community but ones they would never have had the chance to meet before. 

If people only search for love within the community where they live, then it is likely that their search will be too narrow. Okay, dating someone living in another city might take more effort. However, users can use the app in an unlimited way until they are ready to meet in person.

Get In Contact

Anyone who is seeking a date or a life partner within their community, both in their home country or diaspora, should know how beneficial Dua online dating platform can be. Once it is optimized for a given community, users will be able to download it and begin searching for Mr or Ms Right straight away. It is as simple as that!

If you would like to find out more about Dua AG. How our software platform can be developed to connect people around the world with one another? Do not hesitate to contact us. You can do so easily by simply filling in our online contact form. Ask us for further details about our matchmaker dating app and how it can serve the romantic needs of your community no matter how spread out around the world it might be.