DUA AG: How DUA Solutions Can Help You Connect Your Diaspora

by Edon Luta

As of 2015, more than 244 million individuals were found to live outside of their country of birth. This is why connecting with a specific audience can be quite challenging. However, many of these hurdles can be overcome, thanks to the diaspora matchmaking solutions offered by DUA AG. However, you should first understand the importance of being able to interact with a diverse diaspora in this day and age.

From first-generation immigrants to those who may be studying abroad, being able to target this audience is critical in terms of developing a strong (and loyal) online presence. The main issue involves the fact that you might not be aware of how to adopt such a strategy. After all, beginning such a wide-ranging marketing campaign from scratch can be daunting, to say the least. This is why a growing number of investors and everyday users have chosen to work with the team at DUA AG. 

A Quick Look at Diaspora Marketing Within the World of Online matchmaking

We should begin by examining why other platforms, such as Facebook and Myspace, have enjoyed success in the past. Not only did they offer streamlined and straightforward user interfaces, but they employed algorithms that enabled members to be placed in contact with similar personas and nationalities. 

As this was essentially a hands-off process, users would be presented with friend suggestions based on their personal information (although this information was generally kept private). This is one of the main reasons why such platforms grew at an exponential rate. However, what if you are hoping to target a niche group such as the diaspora of your country? This can be a slight stumbling block, as building your brand upon foreign digital shores without any firm marketing strategy is rarely straightforward.

Let’s now look at the global Albanian community. Approximately 6 million Albanians currently live abroad. While many are found throughout Turkey and Greece, other nations are also home to this demographic. Examples include Macedonia, Albania, Switzerland, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. This is when diaspora marketing becomes a bit more complicated. Businesses need to be provided with an anchor from which they can target an existing demographic.

If you are able to connect with an existing Albanian population, it will be much easier to build from this initial population to create a stronger client base. Unfortunately, many current Albanian matchmaking applications are solely focused upon the domestic population as opposed to catering to those who live abroad. The good news is that the team at DUA AG has effectively bridged this gap, thanks to a bespoke matchmaking application. Let us take a closer look.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Diaspora Marketing in Modern Times

We live within a truly global society. And the current number of expats living abroad is set to increase well into the foreseeable future. So, how can you effectively connect with this client base while focusing upon the Albanian demographic? This process will normally begin through the use of the analytical process and case studies.

However, the main issue is that such processes can be challenging for firms governed by a limited amount of capital. In other words, bridging the gap between a nebulous marketing campaign and one associated with results is no easy task. The good news is that the professionals at DUA AG have already taken much of the guesswork out of this equation.

We have obtained a massive amount of data in order to better appreciate where Albanians are living and provide you with much more targeted solutions. While such an approach is obviously beneficial in terms of online matchmaking and forming social connections, it is also pivotal in terms of what is known as “diaspora capital” (2). This concept can be broken down into three components:

  • The users themselves (such as members of an online social media community).
  • The knowledge gained from such interactions.
  • The flow of capital between users and locations.

However, we also need to keep in mind that many small-to-medium-sized organisations may not be able to leverage these benefits. What if you are working with a limited amount of capital? How can you tap into such lucrative opportunities? This is when our team is here to help.

DUA AG: Bridging the Global Diaspora Gap

One of the issues which have plagued diaspora marketing in the past is that it lacked a sense of flexibility. The same holds true in regard to failed social media projects. Then, how have the professionals at DUA been able to avoid these pitfalls? The first (and perhaps most important) takeaway point is that DUA is much more than a simple online matchmaking platform.

On the contrary, there are three different modi within one mobile app:

  • Dua.love – Love Matchmaking
  • Dua.biz – Professional Matchmaking
  • Dua.help – Personal Matchmaking

Dua.love is understandably centred around connecting like-minded users who wish to encounter friendships or romantic interests regardless of where they may be located. On the contrary, dua.biz is instead focused on those who are looking to make powerful professional connections.

Whether referring to colleagues, potential business partners, marketing specialists, or investors, this alternative is a great way to make one’s presence known within the online business community of the respective diaspora. Lastly, dua.help supports more practical purposes. Users can connect with others if they require advice or similar assistance.

This is an excellent resource for a diaspora that might not be familiar with the laws associated with a specific region or for anyone who might be looking for support after a recent relocation. While the three DUA modi highlighted above are certainly effective from a technical point of view, we need to keep in mind that they have been designed around the needs of the end-user as opposed to a mere algorithm. Thus, the user experience (UX) will provide even more room for global connectivity.

Diaspora Marketing With a Decidedly Personal Touch

Functionality sets our social connectivity applications apart from more generic options. After all, what use are such services if they are not associated with a user-friendly edge? This is why our team of developers has spent a great deal of time ensuring that the interfaces appeal to average customers. More is not necessarily better in the world of social media apps.

In other words, overly complicated interfaces will inevitably fall upon deaf ears. Albanians are looking for a quick and streamlined means to connect with their compatriots; regardless of where they may be located. Thus, DUA has chosen to work smart as opposed to hard. Our applications are simple to use, and they will require no previous experience.

Specifically focused upon visual aesthetics, it is easy for users to create a profile before immediately searching for other members. Much like other applications geared towards establishing online connections, it is also possible to adjust specific filters in order to narrow down search results. These include:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Radius (distance from the user in kilometres)

Once another user has been discovered, his or her images will be displayed as well as basic information, such as age and location. However, there are many other benefits that users can expect to enjoy when downloading this unique service.

A Fully Personalised Service for the Global Diaspora

It is no secret that online users are more demanding than ever before. Applications that are unable to address such a rightfully discriminating requirement are destined to fail from a long-term perspective. DUA has, therefore, created a very flexible platform. Users have a number of customisation options at their disposal with a single click.

For instance, it is possible to change one’s current location in order to obtain more relevant search results. Multiple languages are supported and there are no communication limits once a match is found. Furthermore, the range of DUA applications is based on the concept of targeted information. In other words, highly optimised profiles will be associated with encountering a more targeted match (whether business or professional). 

Multiple Benefits for Investors within the Albanian Diaspora

How can the software solutions mentioned above benefit businesses as well as individuals? Whether you are interested in adopting the DUA platform for a mobile plattform as a service (mPaaS), as a means of specialised communications or as a method to meet your community who share similar interests, flexibility is key.

We also need to highlight some relevant statistics to appreciate what the future may hold. The majority of online matchmaking apps cater to users between 25 and 34 years of age. These are the very same users who have become quite fickle in regard to the platforms they choose to download DUA AG has taken such requirements into account, and thanks to our ability to provide a seamless means to interact with the global Albanian diaspora, a great deal of interest has already been generated by individuals and investors alike. 

It is also beneficial to appreciate the fact that the DUA AG application bundle is entirely free to download and use. This is critical for those who might be wary of financially committing to a service that is still growing. While the DUA AG matchmaking modi may currently be associated with the greatest degree of online exposure, it is important to mention that investors can likewise leverage the business side of this opportunity; particularly when searching for a niche Albanian market. 

Catering to Both Global and Local Desires

Although the bulk of this article has centred around the ability of DUA AG to meet the needs of a growing Albanian diaspora, it is just as important to mention that these dedicated applications are just as useful when connecting with a geographically localised community. As DUA AG was only founded in 2019, the sky’s the limit in terms of what users and investors can expect.

This is why we encourage anyone with additional questions or queries to contact one of our customer service representatives at their convenience. Our growing team of specialists is well aware of the challenges that the world of online dating faces, and we aim to remain one step ahead of the competition. Albanians can, therefore, expect to be provided with a second-to-none opportunity to connect with others in no time at all. We look forward to hearing from you!