Three Albanian movies you must watch!

by Argjenda Selmani

Albanian movies have recently debuted with success in several well-known film festivals in Europe, the United States, and worldwide. Finally, Albanian filmmakers are breaking into the international film industry.

Whether you’re looking for romance, comedy, drama, or anything in between, these are the best and most important Albanian movies to watch right now. Through these movies, you can learn more about Albanian culture and history. Cinema is a reflection of its own society. Movies are important to society because they reflect culture, change culture, and stimulate economic growth. Movies reflect a culture in so many ways.

The Marriage (2017)

Albanian movies - the marrigeHaving their wedding in only two weeks, Anita and Bekim add the final touches to their big day. Despite expecting news from Anita’s parents, and with Bekim’s as head of the family, the couple seems to manage somehow with the preparations.
But when Bekim’s secret gay ex-lover, Nol, returns from abroad unexpectedly, the situation becomes complicated. Especially when Bekim realizes that Nol is still in love with him. Inevitably, the wedding banquet becomes loaded with tension when the unusual love triangle starts to unravel.

Director: Blerta Zeqiri /

Stars: Alban Ukaj, Adriana Matoshi, Genc Salihu.

Zana (2019)

albanian movies - ZanaAn Albanian woman, Lume, lives with her husband, Ilir, and mother-in-law, Remzije. They live in their small Kosovar village. She’s haunted by night terrors, childless, and unable to get pregnant. If Lume cannot produce a child, Remzije’s responsibility will be to bring in a younger and more eager prospective wife for her son to consider.

Bowing under the pressure of being replaced, Lume concedes to abandoning modern medicine and seeks the help of witch doctors and mystic healers to treat her infertility.

Lume concedes to abandoning modern medicine. She seeks the help of witch doctors and mystic healers to treat her infertility. However, Lume’s appointments, first to a local witch doctor and then to a famed (and costly) televangelist healer, do seem to yield results, as Lume finds herself pregnant at last. But while the family celebrates, Lume’s long-repressed traumas from the war slowly rise to torment her again.

Director: Antoneta Kastrati
Stars: Adriana Matoshi, Astrit Kabashi, Fatmire Sahiti.

Babai (1016)

albanian movies - the fatherFirstly, the story takes place in the early 1990s. While ten-year-old Nori and his father, Gezim, are trying to make a living in pre-war Kosovo.

Ten-year-old Nori (Val Maloku) and his father Gezim (Astrit Kabashi) roam the streets of Kosovo selling cigarettes and barely earning a living. Gezim knows nothing of Nori’s mother. Moreover, he’s an expert at escaping the past, and now he wants to flee Kosovo. Without Nori. As a result, only a few years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Gezim is lured to travel west of Germany. Leaving his son behind in search of a new life. Feeling deserted and desperate to claim some sense of stability, Nori embarks on a dangerous journey to Germany, searching for his father. Will his tenacity, resilience, and sheer grit be enough to guide him?

Director: Visar Morina
Stars: Astrit Kabashi, Val Maloku, Adriana Matoshi.

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